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    Christmas is only days away!  I look forward to my two beautiful daughters and two grandsons coming home to share Christmas and sharing presents, eating great food and just being happy. How lucky am I to have such a great life!
    Unfortunately, there are those who will not share the same Christmas spirit because they have fallen upon tough times and there is no way they can buy presents, food and happiness just as you and I will. Fifer’s Arena launched a “Christmas Cheer Program” in 2011 to help some of those who truly will not have a Christmas and the Program worked beautifully. In the beginning we anticipated helping 10 needy families and the final outcome was 8 families because we want to help truly needy families and there were a couple families submitted to us that did not meet the expectations of the “Christmas Cheer Program”. 
   The outcome was tremendous! Tears were spread throughout the families as well as the Program volunteers and I saw children and parents thrilled by gift of a Christmas party, a super meal and lots of presents.
    On December 20, 2015 Fifer’s Arena is proud to announce that the 5th annual “Christmas Cheer Program” will be held. Margaret Ann and I will step up to the plate and make every effort we can to make the 2015 Christmas Holiday a happy one for a minimum of 15 needy families.  
  WILL YOU JOIN US? First, we need your family to be at the activity and I have an agenda I can email you to show how it all works. Second, I need your support with toys, food items, blankets, coats and financial support. Third, I need your prayers for all those families throughout the world that will not have a Christmas. My heart hurts this time of year because my family growing up missed several Christmas’ with hardships plus I spent one Christmas in Vietnam away from Margaret Ann and my immediate family and it hurt deeply. Christmas is a Special Time and it is a time to remember those who are less fortunate than we are! Can you join us? Will you join us? Your attendance is as important as your gifts.



Please let me know if you can join us by calling Edd Fifer at 915-591-8069 or 915-491-8582. If you have toys, food items, blankets or financial support also call Edd and he will assist you in any way possible to collect those items.  

Wow! What a great way to begin the Christmas Spirit!!!!!